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Ayee..ayee..O…, lao pae gya panga

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Ayee..ayee..O…,lao pae gya panga is an interesting story of two boys who are born on the same day at the same hospital. They get exchanged at the time of birth.

9789384439606 FICTION Paperback

Meet The Author

Ayee..ayee..O…,lao pae gya panga is an  interesting story of two boys who are born on the same day at the same hospital. They get exchanged at the time of birth. It is also the story of two families from two different cultures – North Indian Bhola Singh  and South Indian Subramanium.

Destiny has interesting turns in store for the families. After a few years of the birth of the children, the families become neighbours. The parents realise the truth and it leads to many complications.

Do the children learn the truth?
How do they react?
Will Bhola and Subramanium become friends?

The story, a comedy, narrates incidents centred around the two boys and their families. It is also a moving tribute to the unity in diversity of the country.