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Mandeep Meets Mandeep


Indian print edition also available on: Amazon India 
International print edition available on: Amazon USA | Amazon UK
eBook edition available globally on Amazon Kindle


Unknown to them, each sip of water they took, each morsel of food they ate and each breath of air they inhaled was steeped in poison. It was providence or just pure luck that they crossed paths. The mystery man shared not just his name but also a deep bond with the very core of his being – his genetic code. That made all the difference between life and death.



The photographs of the Chin people in this book fill the eye with these dilemmas. As ethnic minorities from Myanmar living in exile in the Indian capital, most of the men, women and children you see in these images have refugee status accorded to them by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and live in unspeakable hardship. But even without any knowledge of their precise circumstances, you can see them suffering from various maladies of the body and mind, perhaps from memories of the home they have been forced to leave behind. Captured in natural light, these images seem to exude a yellow gloom, conveying the jaundiced mood of the setting. There are pockets of darkness in these photographs, as though a metaphor for their lives. The handful of families represented in this project embody the traumas and tragedies that define the lives of a majority of the Chin community in India.

The Story of Secularism: 15th – 21st Century

Print edition also available on: Amazon India | Flipkart
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Also available on: Amazon India | Flipkart
eBook available on Amazon Kindle


The issues surrounding secularism – state neutrality, freedom of religion, equal citizenship – have been discussed at least since the 18th century. However, the seeds of these ideas were sown in the 15th century….

Sailing Against The Wind


India print edition available on: Amazon India | Flipkart

International print edition available on: Amazon US | Amazon UK

eBook available globally on Amazon Kindle


There’s always another life awaiting us. The only way to embrace it is by letting go of the life we are living. Set in post-independence India this is the tale of Bhola, an unsophisticated young man from a small settlement, who lands up in Bombay, the ‘City of Dreams’.