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Dilli Dil


About the book The photographic journey of Julie Skarland, a fashion designer and artist from Norway, this book captures the beauty she sees in the small, simple things all around her in Dilli, her new home. Dilli Dil showcases Julie’s fascination for Dilli, its people, streets, fauna, crafts and everyday objects often made through struggle and hardship, but also with pride, strength, faith and immense creativity. About the author Julie Skarland is a Norwegian fashion designer. After starting her own brand and boutique in Paris for 18 years, she moved to New Delhi in 2005 where she lives till date.

A Dowryless Wedding

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In his debut novel, A Dowryless Wedding, Merlin Franco takes a humorous crack at the issue of dowry, and the untold dimension of distress faced by a young man with progressive ideologies, who refuses to accept dowry.

Managing Nothing


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The Indian IT industry, which has grown at a phenomenal rate since 1991, today finds itself on the brink of a potentially painful transition to deliver more value and innovation. Managing Nothing throws new light on the challenge of innovation that has dogged the industry for over two decades.

Spice Trail


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In Spice Trail, Hari Nayak, New York-based chef and restaurateur, gives dishes a special cachet with spices from his native India and around the world, playing with flavour and colour, ingredient and taste.

Madam President: History in the Making?


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Can a President, whose campaign has largely been funded by the ‘billionaire class’ and Wall Street really ‘walk the talk’ on corporate crime? The book raises this among many other questions as it attempts a factual analysis of strategic issues related to a possible Madam Clinton Presidency!