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Dr Sanjiv Malik

Sanjiv has been blessed with multidimensional virtues. He is 66 years of age, a committed family man with a lovely doctor wife and father to a daughter and a son. His philosophy of integrated family units showed him as an exceptional son and an outstanding brother.

A medical physician by qualification, he has been a serial entrepreneur of great repute having built successful enterprises in the healthcare field of international stature. He is the only recipient from India of WMA “Caring Physicians of the world” award. He has received over 100 awards and over 120 national and International awards for his outstanding contributions to the medical field. He was conferred India’s highest award for medical professionals “Dr B C Roy National Award” by the President of India. He is one of India’s most erudite, upright healthcare consultant with a vast, multi-faceted experience. He has led /leading various projects/ ventures involving Healthcare consulting, Hospital planning, management, operations, execution; Clinical Trials; Healthcare Communications; National & International Medical Bodies/ Association working; Healthcare Risk Management (medico-legal risk management).

Sanjiv has served as the National President of the Indian Medical Association; as President of SAARC Medical Association; as Member of the Planning Commission of India’s Steering Committee of Health; as Member, Delhi Medical Council; Member, Drug Technical Advisory Board of Govt. of India in addition to having served as consultant to various institutions.

He is deeply committed to promoting wellness through mind body health and a holistic approach. He has personally embarked upon his journey into meditation and yoga.

Presently Chairman, Mediworld Group, he is involved in healthcare consulting, advisory, management, and communications.

Author's books

The Magical Body: Recreate your reality by demystifying the messages from the body


India print edition available on: Amazon India | Flipkart 

International print edition available on: Amazon US | Amazon UK 

eBook available globally on: Amazon Kindle


The Magical Body combines insights from a regression therapist and a medical doctor, and goes into the deeper understanding of body awareness and the factors influencing our body.  After all, we are much more than our physical body and the body is far more than our normal perception of it as just a bundle of tissues and muscles.