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Anita Sehgal

Anita Sehgal is a Transpersonal Regression Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Chakra healer. She is a Professional Member of Earth Association of Regression Therapy having completed Transpersonal Regression Therapy from Ekaa and Tasso Institute Netherlands

She holds a Masters degree in Social Work. Her versatile career spans from a human resource Manager in a large bank to a technical analyst for equities, entrepreneurship to a life coach. Her career shifts took a deep turn prompted by the personal shifts in her life that made her choose esoteric aspects of life. She is an Author, Poet and is the Founder of Mind and Beyond. She is also the recipient of the Shiromani Award meant for outstanding women.

She uses a combination of alternative healing modalities viz. Hypnotherapy, Regression, Spiritual Guidance, Ancestral Healing, Past Life healing, Inner Child work, Chakra and Redikall Healing. She has developed her own unique modality based on her research and experience of individual therapies. Her clientele extends beyond India to USA, UK, Middle East, Dubai, Canada, Singapore and Australia. She has conducted scores of workshops on Divine Feminine, Ancestral Healing, Relationships, Parenting, Chakras, Money and Sexuality – Awakening your creative powers etc,. She is also mentoring individuals to discover their potential.

Her training, therapies and studies revealed a close mind body connection. This has helped clients to discover the metaphysical reasons for body disease. She has helped hundreds of her clients to move towards a meaningful life. It has helped them resolve the traumas, shocks relating to accidents and surgeries, relationship issues, fears, phobias, anger, guilt, insecurity, passive aggressive behavior patterns, soul fragment restoration, etc.

Author's books

The Magical Body: Recreate your reality by demystifying the messages from the body


India print edition available on: Amazon India | Flipkart 

International print edition available on: Amazon US | Amazon UK 

eBook available globally on: Amazon Kindle


The Magical Body combines insights from a regression therapist and a medical doctor, and goes into the deeper understanding of body awareness and the factors influencing our body.  After all, we are much more than our physical body and the body is far more than our normal perception of it as just a bundle of tissues and muscles.