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Sulekha Rawat

A writer, entrepreneur, dreamer and an avid student of life, Sulekha loves her family and will always adore her recently departed Dalmatian, Sparky. A tea drinker who sees good in people, Sulekha tries not to hurt others, is oversensitive and impulsive, laughs loudly, walks briskly and believes in magic and Karma.

The Co-Founder of Social Potpourri, a social networking website, Sulekha is a double Graduate: Bachelor of Science (BSc.) and Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLISc.), with a Post Graduate diploma in Marketing and Sales; yet, not satisfied with all the learning, she went ahead and laid the foundations for her dream of becoming a creative writer by enrolling in the Advanced Diploma in Creative Writing in English.

Sulekha has co-authored a book of poems with her daughter; and their book, A Patchwork Quilt, was launched in Mumbai on 8 January, 2015

Author's books

Social Potpourri – An Anthology II


India print edition available on: Amazon India | Flipkart 

International print edition available on: Amazon US

eBook available globally on: Amazon Kindle


Social Potpourri continues to promote new and talented authors by providing them a platform for showcasing their creativity. This is our second anthology of short stories and poems with contributions by some very fine writers in their own right.