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Abhijit Sengupta

Abhijit Sengupta was born in 1948 in independent India, and grew up to love the national anthem and the national flag. He joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1972 and took his oath of allegiance to the Constitution of India. He retired in 2008, and as an ordinary citizen now, he has tried to remain true to the ideals of the Constitution.

Author's books

The Queen of All Nations: A Brief View of Modern India for Young Indians


Indian print edition also available on: Amazon India | Flipkart
International print edition available on: Amazon USA | Amazon UK
eBook edition available on: Amazon Kindle


What makes a nation?
Is there a difference between a patriot and a nationalist?
What is the truth about our land?
What is the past that many of us have no idea about, especially those who have come to take what they are told as actuality?
What does our history teach us?


The Queen of All Nations attempts to tell the truth about us, our India and separate fact from myth.