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E. Abraham Mathew

“A good man fortunate to successfully punch above his class.”

Good man: Would like to be known as one who has been fair in his dealings and good to others.
Fortunate: Fortunate to have God’s blessings, a loving family and good friends.
Successful: Strived to do well at whatever he did and succeeded in most.
Above his class: Not the most talented or brightest but sought to overcome that.

Get in touch: abeymathew@gmail.com

Author's books

Mind the Mindset: Musings for the Curious and Eternal Learner


India print edition available on: Amazon | Flipkart

International print edition available on: Amazon US | Amazon UK 

eBook available globally on Amazon Kindle


Attitudes are an inherent part of our mental make-up: some good, some not so good. We have opinions about what concerns us and about practically all else too. These thoughts, opinions and attitudes form our mindset. A challenging aspect of a mindset, at least for most of us, is that it is not easy to change it. Unknowingly and invariably, our mindset takes control and impacts our life and destiny appreciably. All of us need to be aware of this plain but significant truth about life.