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Gaurav Gite

Foodpreneur Gaurav Gite is not only among the first to educate desi palates on the infinite possibilities of the stylish, adaptable and on-the-go shawarma and Lebanese cuisine, he is also a non-stop innovator, be it combining Turkish rolls and doner kebabs with much-loved Indian classics like biryanis, or constantly reinventing his brand Marakkesh in vivid hues, ranging from street cafes to fine dines and retail for an ever-demanding and discerning audience. Decorated with several awards including the Maharashtra Young Achievers Award 2018 (Rising foodpreneur) and The Times Food & Nightlife Award 2019, Gaurav goes from strength to strength on the back of a singular belief in the power of terrific food served with passion. This is his first book – and he insists, his last. But as is the case with all things Gaurav, you never can tell for sure!

Author's books

Mom Made with Love: Recipes on Life, Business and Enterprise

595.00 495.00

India print edition available on: Amazon India 

International print edition available on: Amazon US | Amazon UK 

eBook available globally on Amazon Kindle


A mother is our first friend and foremost guru. And yet, we underestimate her lessons on life, love, hospitality, relationships, time and resource management, dismissing them as old fashioned, simplistic and naive. One son who’s finally understood the inherent solidity of mom-made life lessons is food entrepreneur Gaurav Gite, founder of Marrakesh, the Lebanese/Indian chain of restaurants. Starting with his mother’s life savings and her belief in him, Gaurav’s is a success story, whose journey would have been smoother if he had listened to Mumma!


A tribute, love letter and long overdue apology to the wonder woman that is Mumma – Gaurav’s and everyone else’s too.