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Hansa Muranjan-Shahi

Hansa Muranjan-Shahi was born in 1965 in Bombay (as it then was). She travelled with her parents to various parts of the country and went to boarding-school in Bangalore where she first felt the creative urge to write, which remained dormant until many years later.

Back in Bombay for college, she wanted to be a geneticist, but life had other plans for her and she found herself at the Grant Medical College pursuing MBBS and subsequently MD in Internal Medicine. She then moved with her husband to Lucknow to finish her specialization in Gastroenterology, finally relocating to Delhi, where both her sons were born.
The germ of the idea for the book came to her while she was on enforced leave while expecting her first child. Juggling her roles as a full-time mother and gastroenterologist, a part-time wife, a free-time daughter and daughter-in-law and a some-time author, she hopes to finally reallocate her time In Good Faith.

Hansa currently lives in Gurgaon with her husband.

Author's books

In Good Faith


India print edition available on: Amazon India

eBook available globally on Amazon Kindle


Set in the city of Mumbai, In Good Faith traces the lives of Rahul, Zahi and Vivek, their loves, their hopes, fears and aspirations, as they wind their way through medical college confronting disease and death, anger and violence, joy and hope. Finding sustenance always in the undying spirit of human beings, they each finally discover their own reason to become healers.