Jyoti Kumar Sarma

Jyoti Kumar Sarma has been writing all his life, first as a creative advertising professional for over 40 years and now increasingly as a writer of fiction. Jyoti Kumar has headed Creative departments in several agencies in Bombay and Delhi before going on to start his own agency. However the call to be a communicator with a conscience led him to his current practice in strategic communications and advocacy for non-profits.

Cuomo’s Lament, his debut novel, was styled in the school of nature writing – a subject and theme close to his heart and which garnered appreciation from readers in diverse countries. When he’s not busy working and meeting deadlines, Jyoti likes to travel. He’s also a music buff and generally tells the time of the day depending on what he’s listening to – Indian classical in the morning, Western classical at work (through headphones!), jazz and blues by evening.

Jyoti Kumar lives in New Delhi with his family and is proud to proclaim that one is never too old to love… or be loved!

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