Hi, I’m Poorvi. I live in Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore. Yelahanka is green, has a couple of lakes and many birds and animals. I’m a bird and animal lover and an amateur wildlife photographer. I photograph birds in particular and send them to Shiv, a friend of mine and my father’s and my photography guru.

Shiv sometimes posts my photographs on social media sites. I am an animal lover and my goal is to become a wildlife conservationist and a wildlife photographer.

I like reading books as well. I am a Potter fan and a Sherlock Holmes fan as well. I love reading books written by James Herriot. But I have to admit, I spend quite a lot time online – because of classes and studies.

I used to love writing before; not that I don’t love writing now, but as I’m in 12th Std, I don’t quite have time. I’ve written quite a few poems in my break and also wrote one or two articles that were published in the magazine- Gobar Times, brought out by Down to Earth.

I wrote most of these stories between 2012-2015, or when I was 8-11 years old. The more recent stories are written in 2017, which are a part of this collection.

As for my taste for music, I am a Kpop lover, a BTS ARMY.

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