Pragati Sureka

Pragati Jalan Sureka is a licensed Clinical Psychologist working in the realm of mental health since the last fifteen years.

Mental Health Awareness is a keen social cause for her and she regularly conducts sessions at medical colleges and rehabilitation homes among others on varied topics such as Performance Enhancement, CBT for Anxiety, CBT for Personal Development, Parenting Skills, Loving Yourself, Leadership and Healthy Environment at Work.

Apart from her clinical practice, she is also a faculty member at Kornash, The Lifestyle Management School, Kolkata – a mental health vocational training facility. Besides teaching their diploma programme, she conducts weekly self-development sessions for adults and children stressing on aspects such as Self-Esteem, Positive Body Image, Whole Person Potential and Emotional Intelligence.

Pragati can be contacted on Twitter (@pragatisureka) or on Facebook (Konrash The Lifestyle Management School).

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