Ramesh S Arunachalam

Ramesh S Arunachalam wears many hats. In the last two decades, he has been a columnist (with the Hindu Business Line and Moneylife), an entrepreneur, a filmmaker and also a development practitioner working on issues pertaining to financial inclusion and livelihood security. His clients include both state and national governments, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, and the private sector in countries across Asia, Africa, North America and Europe.

Author's books

Madam President: History in the Making?


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Can a President, whose campaign has largely been funded by the ‘billionaire class’ and Wall Street really ‘walk the talk’ on corporate crime? The book raises this among many other questions as it attempts a factual analysis of strategic issues related to a possible Madam Clinton Presidency!

Where Angels Prey


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While the rest of the world reels under a severe financial crisis, India’s microfinance sector enjoys an unprecedented boom. Why on earth are people investing such huge amounts of money in an obscure industry,especially at the time of global recession? And why is Wall Street suddenly so interested in India’s poor?