Ramya Sarma

Ramya Sarma has no formal qualifications in the culinary arts, but enjoys cooking up a storm without worrying too much about what results, especially since it is generally delicious. There are failures, of course, like bread that does not rise and quiche that is furtively binned because it does not hold together, but the successes ostensibly outnumber those. Food is for enjoying, be it the creation of it or the eating of it, and that is the governing principle in her kitchen.

The excitement lies expectedly in the unfamiliar, and the challenge of if somebody else can make it, so can I, is the main driver. Pickles are a good place to start, she decided, especially after dropping a large box full of recipes left to her by her grandmother and mother on her foot for the fourth time. Mid-hop-and-swear, she grated some mangoes, threw mustard seeds to temper into hot oil and resolved to make everything in that archive. And she has, with her own rules and norms….

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