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Samridh Seth

Born in and a resident of London till the age of ten and thereafter moving several times between cities in India and finally to Dubai, Samridh did middle and high school in India and his final two years of IBDP at Charterhouse Boarding School in the UK. He graduated from Boston University where he studied Psychology and Physics gaining a degree in Psychology with specialisations in Cognitive and Behaviour Psychology, as well as concentrations in Particle Physics and Calculus. After graduating he moved to Singapore to build and pursue a career in the financial services sector.

Since Samridh published his last book, The Komodo_Guide, he has been running his start-up, Black Komodo Investments, which entails the investment learning platform and teaching course, Early Investor Program, where students learn about the importance and fundamentals of investing and how to start creating a portfolio. The start-up also provides investment consulting services, equity research and leverages technology to solve problems in renewable energy harvesting and finance.

Samridh’s hobbies and interests range from travelling, sports and networking, to physics, the sciences, philosophy, economics, equity investing, self-improvement and philanthropy.

He realised that the previous two books needed a more practical side to make them more useful instead of just thought provoking, since some might have trouble applying those skills to the real world. He wrote this book to do just that – to be a guide to help readers apply those skills and ideologies to the real world to benefit them in achieving their goals. Good luck and happy playing!

Samridh is the author of Past Dwellers and The Komodo_Guide, and founder of the Black Komodo Investments.

You can write to him at samridhseth1709@gmail.com or follow him @authorsamridhseth on Instagram.

Author's books

The Domino Effect


India print edition available on: Amazon India

International print edition available on: Amazon US

eBook available globally on Amazon Kindle


Life is a game and you are the player. You have one life and you must choose your role in it. This book is for dreamers and those who want more out of life. It takes you on a journey towards the pursuit of greatness and gives you the skills to chart your own course to achieve the goals you set for yourself, and to become great at what you do.