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Vikas Dhawan

Vikas Dhawan, 43, was born and brought up in India and has been living in the UK for the past two decades.

He is a leader in the field of data and insights and has worked in various roles in the education sector, including at the UK Civil Service and the University of Cambridge.

He maintains his passion for writing since his teenage years and have been writing for leisure and in a professional capacity.

Music and rhythm are an important part of his life. He enjoys percussion and singing, and admires Sufi and other poetry, folk music and classic Bollywood songs.

He has a soft spot for antiques, clocks and steam trains. He can be found indulging in reading, playing tennis, cooking and walking.

Author's books

India India Feeling: Those were the days that were – a light hearted nostalgia


Print edition also available on: Amazon India | Flipkart | Amazon USA | Amazon UK
eBook edition available globally on Amazon Kindle


In India India Feeling, a light-hearted exploration of India, Vikas Dhawan brings forth memories of childhood, of growing up and of the warmth of family and friendships, sketching a vibrant essence of the country when it had old-fashioned charm.