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Visty Banaji

Visty Banaji is the founder of Banner Global Consulting, a boutique strategic HR consulting firm. He started his career in 1973 as a Tata Administrative Service Officer and worked with Telco (now Tata Motors), ALSTOM and Godrej Industries, in a corporate career spanning nearly forty years, before turning to full-time consulting.

Visty is a recipient of the National HRD Network’s Pathfinders Award for Seasoned HR Professionals. He has been a member of the Confederation of Indian Industry National Committee on Human Resources and an Executive Committee member of the Employers’ Federation of India for several years.

Proud as he is of what HR has achieved in India, Visty is concerned about its future direction. The columns compiled into this book introspect about the right and wrong turns HR has taken so far and how the profession can fulfil its potential for helping people.

Author's books

Angry Birds, Angrier Bees: Reflections on the Feats, Failures and Future of HR


India print edition available on: Amazon India | Flipkart

International print edition available on: Amazon US Amazon UK 

eBook edition available on: Amazon Kindle


Starting from the fundamental premise that the Human Resource function must espouse the cause of humans in the organisation and work towards their aggregate happiness, Visty Banaji uses the 50 years of experience he has in HR to introspect on what helps or hinders this mission. Angry Birds, Angrier Bees critiques the current state of affairs and suggests solutions for change. The columns span the gamut of HR, as do the remedies.