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2022: State of Sector Report – Farmer Producer Organisations in India


India print edition available on: Amazon India


“With the increased momentum in promoting FPOs recently, much has been written on the successes of the past and challenges of the present. But none that’s as comprehensive as this 2022: State of Sector Report – Farmer Producer Organizations in India. Through real-life case studies and in-depth analysis, several eminent authors have reflected on a wide range of issues relevant for the sector. The importance of competent promoting agencies for capacity building of FPOs and an enabling policy environment – as key components of the ecosystem required to realise the potential of collectives – is well brought out in the report. Underscoring the vital role of technology in strengthening and scaling the FPOs is another contribution of the report. Additionally, I am sure all the stakeholders will find the data and information presented in the report very valuable in carrying out their day-to-day work.”


S. Sivakumar, Group Head – Agri & IT Businesses, ITC Limited

A Journey of Faith: His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Theodosius Mar Thoma Metropolitan


Indian print edition also available on: Amazon India
eBook edition available on: Amazon Kindle


Experience and Events in Honor of the Most Rev. Dr. Theodosius Mar Thoma Metropolitan

A journey of, by and for Faith is an experiential volume in honor of the Most Rev. Dr Theodosius Mar Thoma Metropolitan on His Grace installation as the Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar. A work which is biographical in nature and content is a gift to express the authors’ gratitude to respected Thirumeni.


A Million Missions


A Million Missions takes a close and comprehensive look at the working of the country′s voluntary sector and its various aspects.
Many of the million-plus NGOs in India work among the poorest and most marginalised sections of society inspiring hope for a better life and a ″new India″. Today′s non-profit sector has influenced the rightsbased paradigm of social welfare and economic development thereby furthering grassroots action and democratic foundations. NGOs in India are involved in diverse areas,from primary education and basic health to caring for the elderly.
A Million Missions is an invaluable resource for representatives of the corporate sector or donor agencies, government officials, civil society activists, and students and scholars of development studies.

A Reluctant Bureaucrat


A Reluctant Bureaucrat is an incisive study of the administrative system in India interwoven with a personal account of life lived within the realm of active government service. The narrative comes to the reader straight from the Author′s heart as a way to deal with his loneliness and overwhelming grief when nature snatched away his beloved wife Kalpana in July 2012. Photos from his family archive compliment an account of unstinting dedication and the reluctance to compromise on core values even as he strove to make the system work. The resultant dilemma has been exquisitely handled…

AIM PRIME Playbook


Indian print edition also available on: Amazon India
International print edition available on: Amazon USA | Amazon UK
eBook edition available on: Amazon Kindle


In April 2021, Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog, in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched AIM-PRIME (Program for Researchers on Innovation, Market-Readiness and Entrepreneurship). Implemented by the Venture Center, the PRIME programme was aimed at promoting science-based, deep technology ideas to market, through training and guidance over a period of 12 months.



Ambuj, the third part of the Guardians of The Blue Lotus Trilogy, pays homage to India’s magnificent mythological heritage and takes the reader on a journey into the heart of human passions.

Angry Birds, Angrier Bees: Reflections on the Feats, Failures and Future of HR


India print edition available on: Amazon India | Flipkart

International print edition available on: Amazon US Amazon UK 

eBook edition available on: Amazon Kindle


Starting from the fundamental premise that the Human Resource function must espouse the cause of humans in the organisation and work towards their aggregate happiness, Visty Banaji uses the 50 years of experience he has in HR to introspect on what helps or hinders this mission. Angry Birds, Angrier Bees critiques the current state of affairs and suggests solutions for change. The columns span the gamut of HR, as do the remedies.

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