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A Million Missions


A Million Missions takes a close and comprehensive look at the working of the country′s voluntary sector and its various aspects.
Many of the million-plus NGOs in India work among the poorest and most marginalised sections of society inspiring hope for a better life and a ″new India″. Today′s non-profit sector has influenced the rightsbased paradigm of social welfare and economic development thereby furthering grassroots action and democratic foundations. NGOs in India are involved in diverse areas,from primary education and basic health to caring for the elderly.
A Million Missions is an invaluable resource for representatives of the corporate sector or donor agencies, government officials, civil society activists, and students and scholars of development studies.

A Reluctant Bureaucrat


A Reluctant Bureaucrat is an incisive study of the administrative system in India interwoven with a personal account of life lived within the realm of active government service. The narrative comes to the reader straight from the Author′s heart as a way to deal with his loneliness and overwhelming grief when nature snatched away his beloved wife Kalpana in July 2012. Photos from his family archive compliment an account of unstinting dedication and the reluctance to compromise on core values even as he strove to make the system work. The resultant dilemma has been exquisitely handled…



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In this thrilling second book, adventure cyclist Dhruv Bogra leads us into the heart of the great wilderness of the Indian Himalaya, with fascinating narrations of expeditions on the saddle of a mountain bike—from the Old Hindustan–Tibet road in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district to the heights of Lachen in Sikkim.

Calcutta Diary


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The essays in Calcutta Diary first appeared in the Economic and Political Weekly during the infamous 21-month Emergency imposed in India between June 1975 and March 1977. Interestingly, Ashok Mitra had worked with former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who had imposed the Emergency. The essays recount aspects of a unique and particularly difficult phase in contemporary Indian history.

Can’t Believe It’s Eggless


India print edition available on: Amazon India

International print edition available on: Amazon US 


Can’t Believe It’s Eggless lives up to its name with delicious recipes that are second to none, where renowned Indian pastry chef Pooja Dhingra offers invaluable tips on how to stock your pantry, choose the right substitute for eggs, and perfect the art of baking.

Charan Singh: A Brief Life History


India print edition available on: Amazon India | Flipkart 

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This brief life history of Charan Singh takes the reader through the early influences of Swami Dayanand and Mahatma Gandhi on Singh, his immersion in the freedom struggle, his long political life in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, and his abiding importance as an organic intellectual of village India with a complex, sophisticated and coherent strategy for India’s development at variance from all post-Independence governments.

Chasing His Father’s Dreams


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Chasing His Father’s Dreams is a comprehensive exposition of the circumstances under which Naveen Patnaik, the founder and leader of the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) political party who is now in his fourth term as Chief Minister of the eastern Indian state of Odisha, rose to power.

Chronicles of a village boy in New Delhi


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Chronicles of a village boy in New Delhi is a first person account of the transition that most youth are experiencing today: from one age to another, one place to another and one value system to another. The book elucidates what factors influence that process and unleash the potential in individuals (even those without a godfather!), with thoughts that inspire and direct destinies.

Coming Home


India print edition available on: Amazon India


From new recipes such as Eggless Rose and Raspberry Tiramisu, Gourmet Chikki, Passion Fruit Truffles, to delicious macaron variants and savoury treats such as Cacio Pepe cookies and Chutney Cheese Pull-Apart Bread, Coming Home has something for everyone.

Conservation Kaleidoscope: People, Protected Areas and Wildlife in Contemporary India


India print edition available on: Amazon India | Flipkart

International print edition available on: Amazon US | Amazon UK 

eBook available globally on Amazon Kindle


Organised over 14 broad themes in this collection, Conservation Kaleidoscope offers a ringside view of conservation that is as challenging and informative as it is insightful and provocative.

Cooking Up A Storm – The Misra Family Way


Also available on: Amazon India | Flipkart |
Also available in hardcover format


For the Misra sisters, Suneeta and Susmita, food always was and continues to be an important part of their lives. This book is a labor of love, persistence and a desire to leave behind a culinary legacy. It contains an eclectic collection of recipes that have been painstakingly detailed and neatly categorized for easy reading and access.

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