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Spice Trail


Print edition also available on Amazon.com


In Spice Trail, Hari Nayak, New York-based chef and restaurateur, gives dishes a special cachet with spices from his native India and around the world, playing with flavour and colour, ingredient and taste.

Transformation Strategy for the Digital CIO


Print edition also available on Amazon India


Digital Transformation has been the response mechanism of incumbent organisations to counter the pervasive threat of digital disruption and disruptors. The author defines Digital Transformation as a convergence of Strategic Redesign of the Enterprise, Advanced Technologies intervention at all levels of the Enterprise and Effective Change Management.

Life in Metaphors: Portraits of Girish Kasaravalli


Print edition also available on: Amazon India | Flipkart | Amazon USA Amazon UK

eBook edition available globally on Amazon Kindle


Life in Metaphors: Portraits of Girish Kasaravalli is a collection of portraits sketched by colleagues, friends, family, filmmakers and film critics, providing insights into the intricate layers of Kasaravalli’s cinema and exploring the nuances of his films and their metaphors.



Print edition also available on: Flipkart | Amazon India
eBook available globally on Amazon Kindle


In this thrilling second book, adventure cyclist Dhruv Bogra leads us into the heart of the great wilderness of the Indian Himalaya, with fascinating narrations of expeditions on the saddle of a mountain bike—from the Old Hindustan–Tibet road in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district to the heights of Lachen in Sikkim.

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